Wood Working Tools List

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Important Tools you Should Know in Woodwork

Building furniture and other products from wood can be so fun. A beginner in woodwork needs to understand woodworking tools list required for this kind of a job.

There are basic tools that can be used by those who are new in woodwork such as the try square and the marking gauge and there are sophisticated tools such as jointer and planer used as one advance their woodwork skills.

Woodworking tools can be classified into measuring, cutting and shaping and power tools. Marking Tools. Measuring Tape Measuring tape helps one get precise measurements and cuts for excellent woodwork.

Scribing Knife The knife helps you scratch markings on wood. Areas requiring cutting or shaping can be easily identified.

After marking, one can work without tools in their hand.Combination SquareThe square is used for marking and checking for 45 and 90-degree angles on wood cuttings.

Proper wood cuttings easies jointing. The tool is also helpful in finding a circle’s centre, take short measurements and check joint depths.

Try Square The tool is used to mark and check the square on wood. It measures 90 degrees only unlike the combination square which can measure 45 degrees.

Marking Gauge The gauge is used to make marking on where a piece of wood needs to be cut.

Cutting and Shaping Tools Hand Planes They are used to smoothen the surface of the wood. The most common hand planes include; jack, jointer, fore, and smoothing planes.

RaspsRasps are used to smoothen rough wood edges since they have course edges.

Chisels are used to make grooves, joints, and carve decorations.SawsSaws are used to cut wood.

There are different kinds of saws such as mortise, tenon, dovetail, and coping saw. A wooden joiner’s mallet is also important in joining wood pieces.

Power Tools These tools are used by persons who have advanced experience in woodwork.

Jointer A jointer is a 6 inch wide long table that has two rolling blades at the center. The tool is used to flatten and smoothen the face of a board for easier working.

Planer The tool is used for controlling a board’s thickness to achieve equal thickness all through the ends.